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Summer School Enrichment

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Preparing for AP English Language: Close Reading Non-Fiction

July 9, 10, 11     (8:00 a.m.  – 10:10 a.m.)


 Are you ready for AP English Language & Composition? Do you want to know what it will take to be successful in the class? Would you like to get a head start on your summer assignment? If you want the answers to these questions and more, this is a course for you! This three-morning session will focus on the reading skills you need to succeed in a college level English class and provide an overview of the class. It will be especially useful for those new to AP-level work or those interested in brushing up on their skills.


 Tentative Agenda:


Monday, July 9

-       Introductions: Name and summer reading choice (if known), one question you hope to have answered in this session

-       Syllabus Preview

-            Course Expectations (College Board)

-            Major Assignments and Goals

-       Definition of “close reading” (text coding and annotation)

-       Practice with a non-fiction text


Tuesday, July 10

-       Introduction to class website resources

-       Directions for using links to periodicals

-       Setting up an email account for editorials

-       Summer Editorial Assignment - questions? 

-       Practice with finding, reading and annotating editorials

-       MLA review and citation generator


Wednesday, July 11

-       Cornell Notes Preview

-       Non-fiction book choices – overview

-       Tackling the passages assignment – what to look for

-       Activities to be determined by class needs; session may include online expectations


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Class Handouts:


Day One 

Course Overview

Annotation Palette

Non-Fiction Practice Page ONE and Page TWO



Day Two 

Click here for a sample editorial response.

Click here to read the editorial that the above sample refers to.



Day Three 

Click here to read a sample passage assignment.


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