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2013 Summer Enrichment

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Preparing for AP English Language & Composition

July 15,16,17     (8:00 a.m.  – 10:00 a.m.)

Room 317 & East Lab


Are you ready for AP English Language & Composition? Do you want to know what it will take to be successful in the class? If you want the answers to these questions and more, this is a course for you. This three-morning session will focus on the reading skills you need to succeed in a college level English class and provide an overview of the class. It will be especially useful for those new to AP-level work or those interested in brushing up on their skills.


Monday, July 15

  1. Introductions: Name, Summer book you are reading, one question you hope to have answered 2. 
  2. Course Expectations/College Board Standards overview
  3. Summer assignment overview 
  4. Class website resources for summer (moving to Haiku for school year)
  5. Definition of “close reading” (text coding and annotation skills review)
  6. Practice with a non-fiction text ("In Praise of Chain Stores", Postrel)  and discussion
  7. What is college level annotation? 
  8. Post response to "In Praise of Chain Stores" online


Tuesday, July 16

               1. What makes a successful AP student?

               2. Connections to what we did yesterday and the course

               3. Discuss and summarize argument (in groups)

               4. Share new words and definitions

               5. Rhetorical Precis for "In Praise of Chain Stores" (preview of work we will do the first week of school)

               6. Why do we read editorials for this class?

               7. Overview of editorial portion of summer assignment

               8. Work time in East Lab - peruse editorial resources online, select one and print it, annotate it and

               make a Works Cited page for it on Easybib.com


Wednesday, July 17

  1. Show online samples for summer assignment
  2. Overview of non-fiction text portion of summer assignment 
  3. Annotation expectations for non-fiction text  
  4. Non-fiction book choices – overview of summer assignment
  5. What makes a good passage choice? 
  6. Work time in East Lab - do a practice passage analysis using "In Praise of Chain Stores" online (teacher provides feedback)
  7. Remaining time to ask questions, work on summer assignment: editorial analysis and/or passages.
  8. Activities to be determined by class needs 


Class Handouts Below (Click on red) 


NOTES from the session HERE  


Day One 

Course Overview

Annotation Palette

Non-Fiction Practice Page ONE and Page TWO


Day Two 

Click here for a sample editorial response.

Click here to read the editorial that the above sample refers to.


Day Three 

Click here to read a sample passage assignment.


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